3rd biggest gender pay gap of all the colleges, 6th largest college, 145 students per year - not a tight knit community like the smaller ones, can be overwhelming. Josh_Grad stuff, Started by: Our freshers accommodation is the most modern and . As well as the Cambridge Uni Guide we have a page on Cambridge Slang. Please ensure you and your guests remain seated throughout dinner, especially during the service of food and coffee. Very small: can feel a bit too insular if you are used to large year groups in school. Gender imbalance 56% male 44% female (though not far from the average for mixed colleges and is in line with the gender ratio of peterhouse applicants), Formal hall food not that great (on the plus side, formal hall is on every night), Minimum spend in Hall - have to spend 100 in Hall every term, One of the highest kitchen fixed charges in Cambridge (170 per term), Room points system means best rooms go to those in lots of societies, The smallest college, so all of your year (plus Master, Dean, and porters) will know you by name; the skeletons in your closet will be set out for all to see, (Possibly) too much tradition, so a bit stuffy. Andrew97, Started by: GirtonChurchill. Relatively far away from the action, really. Generally the supervisors want to help and are very capable and knowledgeable. 4.the director of nursing , "penny" is beyond rude. (Only really an issue if carrying laundry, or if it's raining). If you like to know most in your year and feel intimidated by the larger colleges, this is great. The Student Room and The Uni Guide are both part of The Student Room Group. up to 300 (500/year for postgrads), Studentship scheme, offering up to 6500 per year to students with low household incomes, Cheap (in relation to restaurants etc), decent food in the buttery (. Set amidst 20 acres of magnificent grounds in the heart of the city, Downing College is a community of committed scholars and students, current and future leaders in their fields. Which Cambridge College is most prestigious? Very peaceful, despite the fact that it is quite centrally located. Has a yearly Snowball in December and a May Ball every other year. There are many places to eat in Cambridge, some of them run by the University, as well as outlets near Departments and Faculties. Some second year accommodation is shared walkthrough sets of rooms - one person has to walk through the other person's room to get to theirs, complete lack of privacy. AtCorpus Christi, it is on Friday and Sundays. " Large size of fries, salty " 09/02/2022. There is no high table and one can sit anywhere. Sit outside (even in the winter) and watch the world go by, whilst you savour what is possibly one of the tastiest cakes in town. 5th highest percentage of female students in 2018 (excluding womens colleges), 51.2% female. They definitely give the college a fresher feel. Accommodation is decided in a random ballot (reversed in third year so you'll never be at the bottom two years in a row - no special rooms for firsts) and you can group with friends to choose rooms together, Everyone is housed onsite so you're never far from your friends even if you don't live together, Wide variety of prices for accommodation on the same floor - if you need a cheaper room than your friends you can still live with them, Decent kitchens with hobs and big fridges - kitchens in the houses have ovens, Self service sides in hall = huge portions, We have a great brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings - ridiculously cheap and has all sorts of delicious food from a cooked breakfast to pancakes and waffles, Hall does takeaway containers so you can eat meals in the gardens in summer, or you can take your own plate to be less wasteful, Free WiFi (unless you go over 10GB per day, which most people don't), Free pool table, table tennis and football table in the JCR - we also have a competitive table tennis team who won the league this year (2017/18). Helpful and kind porters that somehow manage to remember most people in college. Also is one of very few colleges with an outdoor swimming pool which is great fun in the summer especially when you can use the college's BBQ. One of the most environmentally-friendly colleges, winning Gold in the Green Impact Scheme. We have the BEST college scarf, First years get a free dinner in the Master's Lodge, You can get travel grants for most summer trips, Runs an enhanced bursary scheme on top of the Cambridge Bursary, There's events each year for parents, which is quite nice for them, Quite expensive to live at, especially in first year where there's not much choice on accommodation, Quite a poor college (by Cambridge standards) so there aren't a huge amount of scholarships and awards compared to the richer colleges. (albeit for 25 a term). ~15 minute walk to the centre of town/ 7-8 min science, Amazing accommodation at lower than average rents, guaranteed for the duration of your course. New Court was built in 2016 - all en suite rooms with double beds.. Biggest on-site playing fields of all colleges. are lovely to sit in/study/chat with friends. It's not hard to see why. Some beautiful old buildings and the mathematical bridge. Practically unlimited internet, with fantastic coverage across all accommodation! The fellows and the students eat the same food, therefore it is of a edible/good standard. One of the few colleges with a 24 hour student library. In England, colleges and schools have taken Jamies criticism on board and are now working on tastier and healthier food. One of the biggest and most expensive may balls - if you don't want to go or can't afford to the ball is just very disruptive and means you either have to be in your room by 5pm and not leave again, or you have to stay somewhere else overnight, Very friendly college, not too big or too small with a great sense of community (~120 per year), Really high percentage of state school students - 74.7% in 2019/20 - and the Master's really keen to improve this, Friendly porters, chaplain and college staff - the Master is also an absolute legend, Has Yoyo and Isla, the "very large cats" (aka dogs) who sometimes appears at events with the Master, or at outdoor supervisions in summer, Beautiful buildings in Old Court, with a gorgeous Hogwarts-esque hall and a chapel that's like a mini-King's, Really pretty gardens and trees which blossom in spring, and you can walk on all the grass except in Old Court. The new Intellectual Forum puts on interesting guest lectures in the new lecture theatre, One of the best and most popular May Balls in Cambridge. Report. 99 Days Until First Year Medicine Exams Blog, Official LSE Undergraduate Applicants thread 2023, London School of Economics and Political Science, Official LSE Postgraduate Applicants 2023 Thread, Official Imperial College 2023 Undergraduate Applicants Thread, Official: University of Sheffield A100 2023 entry, Official King's College London 2023 Applicants Thread, Official: University of Leeds A100 2023 entry, Official: Keele University A100 2023 entry, 2023 entry A100 / A101 Medicine fastest and slowest offer senders, Official: King's College London A100 2023 Entry, The Pupillage Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread 2023 Watch. Get the chance to live in Old Court, the oldest court in all of Oxbridge, whose buildings are 600 years old and is the oldest continuously used student accommodation in the world. 10. 6th largest college, 145 students per year - lots of people to get to know, good if you like to be more anonymous. Over two thirds of rooms are en suite, and rooms that aren't en suite are generally much larger to compensate for this (some rooms even have a mezzanine). College colours are pink and brown. Library is quite small so it's always busy. Cambridge College is ranked in position 61 for Northern America. 3 years accommodation on site guaranteed, which means you can get to know people in the other years really well. Very open plan - walk on all grass, large buildings, easy entry everywhere. The communication during the application process is somewhat *sketchy*. Out of the centre, away from tourists, in the leafy suburb of Newnham, On site accommodation offered for all years of undergrad or three years of PhD, They put on really good comedy nights called "Wolfson Howlers", usually monthly, playing host to esteemed Fringe performers and rising Footlights stars, Close to Sidgwick site (where most of the Arts faculties are), 24 hour college library, helpful librarians, happy to order books on demand, Formal halls continue (once a week instead of twice) in the holidays, good if you're around Cambridge during the break (e.g. Named the No. Catering officer is open to suggestions for hall menus. With advance booking, you can experience the full grandeur of the 16th-century college chapel, whose extravagant wood-carving and stained glass is only exceeded by the world's largest fan-vaulted ceiling towering overhead. Approximately 55% of postgraduate students live in College accommodation.. Accommodation is allocated so as to best match the applicant's preference of location, price and facilities. Has a community service' scheme instead of fines for misdemeanours, Dedicated prayer room in D staircase, Cripps, Get your room for the full nine months so don't have to move everything out over Christmas and Easter and can stay easily if you want to, There are lots of really cute squirrels on the backs, There's a brook that runs through the back of college that often has ducks, swans, and herons on it, which can be seen from some of the Cripps rooms. Find your nearest cafe. Inconveniently large. Free-to-use squash courts literally 1 minute's walk from the porter's lodge. How much does it cost to park at Cambridge North? They cut down their cute cherry blossom tree. will give you a hard time for no reason, Does not have a "friendly and unpretentious" atmosphere as this page used to say - some people are friendly, others are not, some are pretentious (many try unsuccessfully disguise it), some are not, It can very often seem like the college cares a lot more about making money off of external conferences than student's welfare, Is not "close to everything", unless by everything you mean Sainsbury's and a couple of departments - some departments are a decent cycle away, Non-private does not imply state comprehensive: like every other college, almost everyone here that didn't go to private school went to a grammar/extremely good state school, Tourists - they crowd the main entrance on King's Parade, and when it's sunny are without exception wandering around the chapel area and back lawn and often into places they shouldn't be, i.e. Not good if you don't want a 10-15 minute cycle in the mornings, Difficult if you have large gaps between lectures as you get stuck in town - not worth cycling back. Takes forever to get from one side of college to another. Sent all students home (including internationals!) . The most recently built college, Robinson's plainish brick castle look can put off those who prefer more traditional architecture. College rents are in the middle of the pack for Cambridge Colleges, which is very good given the beautiful nature of the building and the central location. And, furthest away, Girton. Biggest gender pay gap of all the colleges, 3rd worst college regarding for admitting students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. Student favourites - like pasta and pizza dishes - have also been increasingly catered for thanks to the work of the 2016/17 JCR Catering Officer. New College Gym, Strong drama scene - very active drama society within college (HATS) + well represented in uni-wide societies (ADC, Footlights), The Music society(HCMS) puts on several concerts each term. One of the smallest, prettiest, friendliest colleges. The Cambridge Student has compiled a survey, to compare formals and butteries throughout the university. Ranks 4th in terms of value of Endowment/assets per student. Quite stingy when it comes to money related things. Only 1.8% come from the bottom 20% of househoulds, 2nd biggest gender pay gap of all the colleges. Unfortunately, this is only reserved for their students, the Fellows, weddings, celebrations, private dinners and theCambridge College Supper Club. Trinitys wealth Trinity remains extremely wealthy to this day, thanks to its royal benefactor and the land that he bequeathed. Right next to the Downing site and New Museums site (as well as the Chemistry department), so very good for scientists! Natural Sciences Director of Studies sent 1st years an email telling them they are not allowed to have what they regard as a good time, that ALL of [their] attention needs to be given to the subject as it requires "[their] FULL brain capacity (and for a large fraction of you, even that will not be quite enough)", Lots of tourists on Silver Street looking at the mathematical bridge. Out of the way of busy tourist places in the summer - you are never disturbed by people wandering through college aimlessly like in central colleges. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Great view over the River Cam, and you can go punting on the 2 college owned punts. Beautiful, airy hall which has recently been refurbished. Theme suppers on Tuesdays. Cambridge College's ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities North, #133-175. Beautiful and peaceful gardens, some of the prettiest in Cambridge- hard to realise you are in the centre of town! Located next to Mill Road, which has an international feel to it with international food stores and the annual Mill Road Fair. Occurs less in smaller colleges. It's rich. They draw you in with good 1st Year accommodation but it gets worse in later years. 14. They're extremely flexible, supportive and attentive. Students were told they could get kicked out of their accommodation if they tested positive for COVID-19. after the THIRD LOCKDOWN was announced! Student rent raised dramatically in recent years - although it is still not much higher than the university average. Most 1st year accommodation has ovens. General information on interviews this year is here. St John's College welcomed Charles Banks, founder of thefoodpeople, to share his in-depth research on the latest food and drink innovations. Lots of green spaces - Fellows garden that students can walk in and large lawns on the Backs - great for relaxing by the river, especially in the summer. Always has one of the biggest turnout at sports matches! To be completed July 2016, 6th worst college regarding for admitting students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. Nobody showed up for an obligatory consent workshop during Fresher's Week. In the main college block there's a maximum of 3 people per bathroom, although almost all rooms have 2 or fewer per bathroom and many rooms are en-suite (more toilets per undergraduate than any other college). harlz_chalamet, Started by: 92 reviews. All third years have en-suite bathrooms. 3 Selwyn. Not good for those who are disadvantaged. You can walk on the grass (and eat on the lawn when it's nice and sunny!!). Some cats often come into college, so despite not officially having a college pet, they do have cats. The college is on several sites, across different roads, which is a shame for bonding and isnt as conducive to a community feel, Cheapest Undergraduate accommodation prices across the university. Which Cambridge college has the best food? Graduates have their own on Tuesday and Thursday. Some students live in the same staircase as the Trumpington street GP practice. Middle-class students Starting salary after graduation Any 1-25 of 1,446 results #1 Best College Food in America University of California - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 4 Year 5,402 reviews Senior: If you can attend in-person classes, UCLA is a great school! The college has the most helpful porters - nothing is too much trouble for them. According to the PBU Instagram, 55 percent of the vote was in favor of the motion, and 21 percent were against it. and everyone has interesting backgrounds, jobs or nationalities to talk about. The smallest college, so all of your year (plus Master, Dean, and porters) will know you by name. Can play on the Xbox One, Pool or Table football, One of the best colleges for NatSci - particularly for chemistry largely due to the efforts of world famous Dr. Wothers, Unusual in that you tend to get fellows supervising you instead of PhD students in 1st year subjects such as NatSci, Engineering fellow Dr. Jenni Sidey is an astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency, Many opportunities for free food such as Smoothie Soc, Movie Night, Welfare tea, coffee & pizza;), Does well in the Student Switch Off campaign winning 100s of tubs of Ben & Jerry's for the college, Officially named the sportiest college in the Tab with the most sporting Blues per head. Guaranteed free tea and cakes every Sunday at 3pm, courtesy of the MCR. Laundry is run by the infamous Circuit company, well-known to graduates of other universities - expensive! 5th most expensive college to live at (though generous with bursaries), Has library fines (very easy to just keep renewing books though). Punting on the Backs by St Johns College, Cambridge Credit: Fiona McIntosh/Gallo Images. Answer (1 of 15): I cannot answer this question from first-hand experience as I am an Oxford rather than Cambridge man but am answering this question because of something quite unexpected that I read somewhere. Wolfsons reputation as the most cosmopolitan college in Cambridge is well deserved. No bedders - you get to keep your privacy in your room while kitchens and shared bathrooms are cleaned daily. 3rd worst college regarding fining students (e.g. The tallest undergraduate accommodation in Cambridge! Accommodation isn't allocated based on academic performance. The Lee Library also has some Chinese influences, as they were both funded by a Singaporean philanthropist. Guest night is lovely and is usually an outstanding five course meal, costing a very reasonable 17 without wine . In recent years room rents have risen approximately the same as inflation. Using this table, the top three colleges from the 2018 degree results are Christs, Pembroke and Trinity colleges. Is Cambridge public or private university? Welcome to MyCC, Cambridge College's self service web portal. Explains why its mascot is the dodo. Gateway programme - a series of careers and academic workshops aimed to help you make the most of your time at Cambridge and think about your future, as well as teaching you how to tackle exams etc. Also involves events such as pool and FIFA for those who are not as sporty. Good kitchen space - most 1st, 2nd and 3rd year . without being an academic pressure cooker, Gryffindor colours! Also plenty large butterflies. fec1864, Started by: It even connects outside the college. Accepted more students than there was accommodation for, the college does not own any off-site housing, so many students (particularly for Masters) were left having to find their own housing before arrival, problematic if you get your offer very late in the cycle. There are also sports grants and academic scholarships/prizes. McGinger, Started by: 6) Amy, 3rd year Geography, Trinity Hall. Parker's Piece (park) only 30 seconds across the road. Means you get to live together as a year group so won't find yourself on a floor full of people you don't know.
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