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As much as we love travelling and seeing cool stuff, let’s admit it: the best part is showing off the pics after. When a trip is over, all you have left, besides the key chains and t-shirts you bought,  are the memories. And of course the many selfies you snapped along the way. Here are my top picks for places where you are going to want to make sure you have a full battery and enough storage space.


The Ramparts: For some reason, a lot of people who go to the Western Wall and the Old City bypass the ramparts walk. You can access the ramparts from the Damascus, Lion, Zion and Jaffa Gates. The walk goes for about 2 1/12 miles. Walking along the ramparts will not only give you an amazing view of the old city of Jerusalem, but will give you awesome opportunities for selfies. Take some with the Arab quarter behind you or some epicly famous landmarks like the Mount of Olives and Mount Scopus.


Ramon Crater - The Ramon Crater is in the Negev and actually the largest erosion crater in the world. There are lots of interesting geological reasons  why therocks here are different than anywhere in the world, so if you get a selfie here, it will be something truly unique.


In Front of a Fighter jet: I admit to not really liking plane museums. I have been to some with a male relative who loves planes and makes me go. He geeks out about the planes and I look to see if there is a gift shop or a someplace I can get a snack and a quick nap. However, even I can admit that a pic with a Soviet MiGmig behind me is something I want to have on my phone to show people. A good place to do this is the Air Force Museum in Beersheva


Shuk Selfie: Taking a selfie with friends in front of a stall overflowing with fruit and nuts - that’s Israel. There are shuks all over Israel and each one has a different vibe. Some, like Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem and Shuk Hapishpushim in Yaffo are open six days a week. Some, like Nahalat Binyamin, which is actually an arts and crafts market, are only open on certain days of the week. Either way, these markets will let you capture the full color and vibrancy of Israel.


The Beach in Ashdod: This is my favorite place to go to the beach in Israel. Tel Aviv is too crowded for me and Netanya can be full of tourists - which I am in Israel, but whatever. Ashdod is quiet and the beaches, especially during the weekday, can be pretty empty. Want to take a selfie that makes it look like it’s just you alone on the mediterranean sea? This is it.


Nahal Yehudia: This is my favorite hike up north. There are a few options here - some trails are harder than others. When I was there, the tour guide warned us that we were taking a very hard hike, so I was a bit nervous. It turned out to be not as difficult as I feared. And so worth it because my pics from that day are some of my favorites from my whole trip. The Nahal Yehudia hike takes you to a waterfall that ends in a legit pool. So you actually need to find a place to put your phone so it won’t get ruined and you can take those pictures. Go swimming and then take a selfie in front of a crazy waterfall.


Camel Selfie: About 10 minutes outside Jerusalem the desert begins. One minute you are in a big city and the next you are looking at bedouin tribes and mountain goats. But as you drive towards the Dead Sea area you will start to see Arabs that have camels that are available for a quick ride. I don’t care how cliche this is. It’s cool. And can you really leave Israel without picture of yourself riding a camel? I think not.


The Kotel: Obviously. Take a picture at the Kotel. Make it your screen-saver.


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