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Tishbi Winery Coastal Plain

יקבי תשבי

The Tishbi Winery is a family owned vineyard in Zichron Yaakov. Three generations of the Tishbi family have been working the land here and creating beutiful wines. Aside from their wines, they also have an olive orchard where they make olive oil and a chocolate factory. So a visit here is not just about the wine and spirits - although it can be. Tishbi is famous for their award winning brandy which is made in the Remy Martin tradition.

The winery has a restaurant as well as a wine and chocolate tasting center that is open to visitors. You can book a tour through the winery which will end in a tasting or come have a delicious meal, paired with Tishbi wine at the restaurant.

  • Indoors
  • Tour Guide Required
  • Reservation Required
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  • Schedule

    Opens 8:00 every day and closes at 5:00. Saturdays closed all year round.

  • Duration

    Form 1 - 4 hours, depending on the tour.

  • Suitabilty

    There are no age restrictions or requirements.

  • Season All year round.
  • Transportation

    Only by car, no public transportation is available to the site

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