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The Palmach Museum Coastal Plain, Tel Aviv Area

מוזיאון הפלמ"ח

At the Palmach Museum you can come and experience the legacy of the first Jewish armed force. The Palmach was founded in 1941 to support the British against German forces. When the German threat receded, the British attempted to dismantle the Palmach. The Palmach went underground and engaged in activities that eventually led to the establishment of the State.

Some examples: When the British tried to suppress Jewish settlement after the Holocaust, they brought 65 ships into israel with thousands of refugees. They fought militarily against the occupying British forces. When Israel was declared a state, although poorly armed, the Palmach were the ones at hand to defend Israel during the War of Independence.

The museum is filled with individual and group stories and brings the rich history of the Palmach to life. There are no displays here or documents behind glass cases. Instead you will follow a group of Palmach fighters from establishment until the end of the War of Independence. You will experience the Palmach through different means of narrative, some technological, some personal. The visit ends at a memorial for fallen Palmach fighters.

  • Indoors
  • Cultural
  • Tour Guide Required
  • Reservation Required
  • $

This is a tour for groups or families.

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  • Schedule

    Sun-Mon: 09:00-4:30 last tour
    Tues: 09:00-8:00 last tour
    Weds: 09:00-1:30 last tour
    Thurs: 09:00-4:00 last tour
    Fri: 09:00-11:30 last tour

  • Duration

    90 minutes.

  • Suitabilty

    6 years and older.

  • Season All year round.
  • Transportation

    Buses that go to Tel Aviv University will take you here.

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