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Dolphin Reef South, Eilat

ריף הדולפינים חוף ים - וצפיה בדולפינים

Come to the Dolphin Reef and see dolphins playing, hunting, courting and socializing up close. Located on the shores of the Red Sea, the Dolphin Reef is on a secluded beach, ideal getting some up-close, face time with dolphins. You will get to see bottlenose dolphins and their babies that were born in the reef.

You can get close to them from floating piers and observation points or even take one of the guided swims or dives and then actually swim with the dolphins. These dolphins are used to people so they are super friendly. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Stroller friendly
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Outdoors
  • Picnic area
  • Thrilling
  • Provided
  • Reservation Required
  • Easy Hike
  • $$$

Diving with dolphins ages 8 and older - 399 shekel includes addmission when booked in advance

Snorkeling with dolphins ages 10 and older - 299 shekel includes addmission when booked in advance

Relaxation pool - Basic session - 165 NIS.

Relaxation pool - Basic session + Breakfast - 165 NIS.

Relaxation pool - Special session - 315 for 30 minutes and 365 NIS for 45 minutes.

Entrance fee:
Adult  (from age 15)   NIS 67
Child  (age 3-15)        NIS 46

Advance booking for snorkeling and diving with dolphins, and relaxation pools grants entrance free of charge.

Entrance fee includes:
A day of enjoyment in an ambiance of nature, with magical views, secluded spots on the beach, observation of dolphins in nature and nature films. (No lifeguard on the beach


ריף הדולפינים, הינו רצועת חוף, מגודרת, שחיים בה קבוצות דולפינים, באופן חופשי, וניתן לצפות בהם, מהמזחים הצפים, או בשחיה וצלילה מודרכת [בתאום מראש] בריף, תמצאו גם חוף ים. מעוצב ומטופח, שמשיות וסככות צל, מרכז הפעלה לילדים, וחנות מזכרות יחודית.

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  • Schedule

    Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm  
    Friday - Saturday & Holidays 9:00am - 4:30pm

    Closed on  the  Israeli National Memorial Day and "Yom Kippur".

  • Duration

    From an hour to an all day experience.

  • Suitabilty

    All ages

  • Season All year
  • Transportation

    On the south shore of Eilat after the port; public transportation is also available from any part of Eilat.

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