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Sam's Israeli Food Journal

I graduated college with a practical and highly useful degree in English literature.

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Max's Family Summer Trip

My name is is Max and I am 14 years old.

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Basya and Tomer's Story

Basya and Tomer took on an adventure of a lifetime when they visited Is

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What type of traveler are you?

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Experience Israel's Shuks At Night

Top 5 night spots in the Shuk

Most tourists visiting Jerusalem know to make a stop at the

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Afraid to Fly

A phobia that almost stopped me from my dream

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The Israeli Beverage of Summer

Israel’s stellar contribution to frosty summer beverages is called Limonana.

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israel flag

Wave your flag!

Here's to the blue and white

Flag day (yes it’s a day) was created to honor the American flag.

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dairy restaurants in israel

Beyond Cheesecake

Dairy Restaurants in Israel

When I ask unaffiliated Jews if they know what Shavuot is, the answer is almost always the same:

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Spring and Summer Festivals in Israel, 2016

Add to your summer travelogue

There is never a shortage of things to do in Israel, even when there is nothing extra going on.

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